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Pink Strat Original Silkscreened CD

Title: Pink Strat
Format: Original Silkscreened CD
Release Date: July 21, 2009

Digital download not included. 

01)  Lonely Loves
02)  Hockey Teeth
03)  Southern Drawl
04)  For Good Reason
05)  You're Bored, I'm Old
06)  Sunshine Blues
07)  Already Yours
08)  What's Worse?
09)  Let The Good Times Roll
10)  Try, Tried, Trying
11)  Till The Morning
12)  Whole Wide World

Pink Strat first pressing.

Extreme low quantities of this item were ever produced. Each copy is numbered (1-303). Designed by long time Bahamas collaborator Heather Goodchild. Every copy was silk screened by hand by Afie and Heather in her kitchen in 2009.
These are a serious collectors item.

Do you have the guts to sit at the big table of Bahamas collectibles? If so Add to Cart and enjoy life.

*The finish of hand-pulled screen printing is inconsistent by nature. Expect the CD pack artwork to have print imperfections.