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High Priestess 12" Vinyl (Black)

Artist: Sarah McCoy
Title: High Priestess
Format: 12" Vinyl (Black)
Release Date: January 27, 2023

01) Weaponize Me
02) Go Blind
03) Sometimes You Lose
04) Take It All
05) Oracle
06) Forget Me Knot
07) La Fenêtre
08) Sorry For You
09) Long Way Home
10) You Are Not Alone
11) Eat The Peach (For Gonzo)

Sarah McCoy's second album produced by Renaud Letang with Chilly Gonzales.

HIGH PRIESTESS' compositions dig deeper and deeper into «the dissection and questioning of self and mental health with a painful but gentle musical knife», to reveal an artist in constant evolution. It's a «thermonuclear» album, Sarah says, with deep, bubbling bass, synths, beats, dark piano and, of course, her ever-haunting vocal incantation that challenges the so-called certainties of reality and gives post-apocalyptic textures to the whole.
Includes a poem dedicated to Sarah's mentor, Chilly Gonzales.