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Presidential Suite CD

Title: Presidential Suite
Format: CD
Released in 2002

« The great Gonzo’s first pop album, a record of such sparkling joy that it makes that s club juniors single look like one of Thom Yorke’s suicide poems. Gonzo fans will be aware of his repertoire since European electro whimsy, piano, and balladry were all stirred and twisted on his full length debut 'Über Alles', while digital hardcore, hip-hop, mop-styled craziness and snoop-derived rhyme patterns were all fucked up on the classic follow up 'The Entertainist'. And here, as was hoped, the two meet » (www.playlouder.com).

This offer includes CD Digipack + a 12-page booklet (including all lyrics).

01)  So Called Party Over There
02)  Shameless Eyes
03)  Scheme And Variations
04)  You Snooze You Loose
05)  1000 Faces
06)  Political Platform Shoes
07)  Take Me To Broadway
08)  The Joy Of Thinking
09)  Decisions
10)  Chilly In F Major
11)  Starlight
12)  Bottom Of The Pops
13)  Salieri Serenade
14)  Headstone Park
15)  Melodika