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The Entertainist CD


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Title: The Entertainist
Format: CD
Released in 2000

"He looks like Jon Spencer but sounds more like Eminem, with a lo-fi 808 nightmare pushing Dr. Dre out of the producer’s chair. It’s unclear whether he’s attempting to save rap from the mainstream blahs or ridicule it out of existence, but The Entertainist is a brilliant left-field hit for fans of oddball hip-hop production and zany lyrics". allmusicguide.com. Features the Much Bootlegged Collaborations with Peaches, Patrick Catani, Bomb 20 & Mocky.

This offer includes CD Digipack + a 12-page booklet.

01)  Candy
02)  The Worst MC Part 2
03)  No Beats
04)  Futuristic Ain't No Shit To Me
05)  This One Jam
06)  Cum On You
07)  Meditation Feat. Paul PM
08)  Freedom Freestyle
09)  Higher Than You
10)  The Name They Gave Me
11)  So What Da Fuck
12)  Figga Please Feat. Paul PM
13)  Prankster Fly
14)  Ain't No Stoppin' The Poppin'