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Z Digital


Title: Z
Format: Digital (MP3)
Released in 2003

‘Z’ is a mutated « Best of » : Chilly Gonzales covering Chilly Gonzales by re-recording his own songs from scratch in new styles, with new guests, and with all new vocals and music. Guests Feist, Peaches, Paul PM, Taylor Savvy, Louie Austen and Princess Superstar. 


01)  Chilly In F Minor
02)  Variations On A Scheme
03)  (Another) So Called Party (Rap Feat. Paul PM)
04)  This One Jam (Rap Feat. Taylor Savvy) 
05)  Lovertits (Feat. Feist)
06)  Soft Shoe Snoozin' (Rap Feat. Princess Superstar)
07)  You Are (Feat. Taylor Savvy)
08)  Why Don't We Disappear (Feat. Feist and Christian Krebs)
09)  The Joy Of Thinking (Feat. Peaches)
10)  Decisions
11)  Take Me To Broadway
12)  Starlight (Feat. Feist)
13)  Let's Groove Again (Feat. Louie Austen)
14)  Dans Tes Yeux (Feat. Guesch Patti)
15)  Love Scene / Higher Than You